When it comes to teaching a young child good manners, finding a positive spin on etiquette will bring you more success than threats and negative words. To teach your children manners, make it fun and interactive.

If you have a young daughter, she probably enjoys playing princess. Next time she is in her princess costume, ask her to pretend how to meet you as her favorite princess. As she is meeting you, if she looks down, tell her princesses are confident and poised, they use good eye contact and a confident-sounding voice.

If you son likes to dress up as his favorite superhero, tell him Superman has a firm, but not too hard, handshake when he meets people.

If your child likes to play with dolls or action figures, play with him or her and have the dolls use good manners.

A lot of popular children’s characters have their own book, DVD or dolls related to good manners. The ones that I use in my camps include the Berenstain Bears, Madeline, and Barbie. Children not only love involving their favorite characters, but also learn a lot from them.

If you want your child to learn how to set a table, find a fun placemat that helps them know where all of the pieces in the place setting belong. You can also go online and find a picture of a correct place setting and print it out for them. I have both on my site, mrsmcveighsmanners.com.

Tune into your child’s interests, and engage them in learning manners in a fun and interactive way.