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Lack of Respect for Adults

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,
I am noticing that children are not either being taught, or making an effort when they are being taught, to be respectful to adults. My husband and I are always telling our children to make good eye contact, and shake hands when meeting or greeting an adult, but it has not fully sunk in yet. We took our kids to the Nutcracker Ballet a few weeks ago, and ran into some friends. Our kids acted shy, and were not very proactive in saying hello to our friends, and we had to basically prompt them step by step on how to act. We have gone over it so many times, but we now wonder if it is because they do not see other kids doing it either. I rarely get a “hello” from kids who know me, let alone eye contact, and a “how are you.” What is wrong with our kids today? Have you noticed this too?

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Holiday Gift Exchange is Stressful

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,
Every year I host Christmas day for my family, and my husband’s family. Every year I get the same question from both sides, which is “Are we all buying gifts for one another this year.” I have tried to alleviate the situation in the past by having a Chinese Gift Exchange one year, to drawing names another year. One person or another complains about any ideas I come up with. I am sick of being in the middle of the whole thing. What is proper etiquette for this type of situation?
Stressed and Distressed

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Addressing Party Invitations

Mrs. McVeigh,
This is not a question relating to kids, but I need it answered.
I am sending out invitations to a party. I am inviting several judges, and am mailing the invitations to their offices. How do I correctly address the envelope?

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Do I have to invite the mean kid to my daughters party?

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,
My daughter’s birthday is coming up. There is a kid in his class who is really mean to him. I want to invite the whole class to the party, but feel uncomfortable inviting her. I have seen her interact with my daughter in the classroom, and at events outside of school, and she has brought her to tears on several occasions. Do you think it would be rude not to invite her to the party? If her mother confronts me, I want to feel confident in justifying my decision.

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Inappropriate Movie

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,
My son recently received a party invitation from one of his best friends. The party unfortunately includes seeing a movie that I do not think is age appropriate. When/if we decline, his mom is the type that will ask me why he can not attend. When I tell my son that he is not going, I am scared that my son will tell the birthday boy the real reason he can not go. What is the proper way to handle this so that no one’s feelings get hurt?

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