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Feedback from Dallas Morning News Readers

 Nothing like constructive "feedback" from my readers. On the article that appeared in yesterday's Dallas Morning News Neighborsgo that I wrote about wearing pjs out in public, one reader thought I sounded snobby and judgemental about how people dress. Not my intention whatsoever. Just suggesting that people may want to wear "daytime" clothes.  Another reader liked what I said, and totally cracked me up! She emailed me a grocery store ad that invited people to show up in their pajamas to their bakery, and receive a complimentary cinnamon roll!  That is too funny and coincidental!

Thanks to everyone who reads my columns and blog. I love feedback - positive and negative. 

Follow up to Pink Slime article

 The good news is a lot of school cafeterias have stopped ordering and serving "Pink Slime", which basically is meat trimmings. Now Texas Governor Rick Perry is defending the Pink Slime. See article here.

The Etiquette of Dressing Decently


            Several weeks ago I was in my local pharmacy and noticed a college-aged student in her pajamas. I immediately felt bad for her, thinking she must be really sick, and had to drag herself out of bed to get some medicine. A week later I noticed another young person in her pajamas, and confirmed with some friends that this is a new trend. A few days ago I heard two radio personalities discussing this subject because one of them saw an adult woman in her pajamas out in public.

This is not about dressing for success or what to wear to land your dream job. I am talking about dressing decently outside of your house, which means not wearing your pajamas out – unless it is to retrieve your newspaper on your front lawn. I recall my grandfather telling me as a teenager that you dress up to visit people in hospitals, and when flying. I know standards have changed, but the average American does not seem to dress decently for day to day living.

I tell my sons that they look homeless when they wear athletic shorts and t-shirts. They tell me that is what everyone is wearing at school, but I insist that they wear khaki shorts and collared shirts most days. As adults we respect people more when they are dressed well. Dressing well can get you a lot further in life, from having to make a return at a store, to getting good service in a restaurant.  Overall you don’t have to be dressed-to-impress to go the grocery store, but please at least put on your old sweats, and leave your pajamas for bedtime only. 

Pink Slime served in Cafeterias

Here is something to think about as you go into Spring Break! Look at what school cafeterias are serving - Pink Slime! I live in a school district where the PTA owns the cafeteria, so luckily the parents have control on what is served. The fact that most school cafeterias serve this is terrible! Read this article to get the scoop! 

The Etiquette Rules of Lending Money

            The economy is not great, and you may have a relative or close friend who could use a financial boost. Lending money to someone can be very tricky. It rarely ends well, unless the money is paid back in full in a timely manner. That typically does not happen, because if the person had the money in the first place, he would not have to borrow it from you. If you are inclined to be a do-gooder and lend someone money, here are some things to consider.

            You may call it a “loan”, but only lend money that you do not need back. If you are really serious about getting it back, put it in writing with a schedule of payments. I had a relative who lent her boss/“best friend” her life savings, and she did not put it in writing. It has become obvious she will never see it again.

            Waive all temptations of judging the person out loud or in your head of his spending habits going forward. I had a friend who lent his relative money, and was not happy when she made a large purchase before paying him back. He realized he needed to let it go, and that he should not say anything in order to avoid a conflict.

            Before you hand over a dime, make sure anyone else who you share a household with is in agreement with the loan. Talk about your expectations of getting the money back, and the possibility of it not getting paid back. If you are not in agreement, then think twice about the loan. It could cause a lot of conflict in your household and relationship.

            Lastly, give the loan with a smile, and decide that no matter what the outcome of the pay back, it will not affect your relationship with the person/people you lend the money to. If the only thing you get back is a verbal thank you, then be happy living with that.



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